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SNU..HOT – the safest and quickest way to deliver instant hot water


Stiebel Eltron is launching a new automatic hot water unit for the UK domestic and commercial market.

The SNU..HOT water unit consigns long waiting times to history, with 98° hot water straight from the tap through a safe and easy process for beverages, washing or cleaning.

The SNU..HOT comes as standard with a 3-in-1 tap providing maximum safety – on the left side, a push and turn mechanism makes hot water available immediately, leaving the tap surface itself cool to the touch. On the right hand side, the mixing lever offers the familiar temperature range from cold to hot. The tap offers maximum versatility in allowing connection to a domestic hot water feed in addition to the cold water main.

All this comes in a compact and unobtrusive design that enables the high grade 5-litre low pressure heater to fit underneath almost any sink. This perfect combination of small water heater and tap is also an excellent alternative to the hot water appliances usually found in commercial enterprises such as offices, shops and canteens.

Stuart Doggrell, National Home Comfort Sales Manager at Stiebel Eltron, said: “The SNU..HOT has been specifically designed to incorporate features which substantially reduce the risk of scalding injuries to children and vulnerable adults. It draws hot water with very little steam or splashing and has been designed as a vented system for easy installation.

“Only a single standard tap hole is required for the 3-in-1 tap, making retro-fit an easy option – it is also an attractive contemporary mono-block design that lends itself to any domestic kitchen design. No additional plumbing to a separate drain point is required either. This is a top-of-the-range product at a fraction of the cost of its competitors currently in the UK market.”

The unit includes a two year manufacturer’s parts and labour warranty.