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Soteria Black Detectors: The Perfect Solution for Aesthetic and Functional Fire Safety


When it comes to fire safety, both functionality and aesthetics play a crucial role. This is particularly true for projects involving exposed or black ceilings, such as coffee shops, nightclubs, and airports, where traditional white detectors might detract from the overall design.

The Soteria Multi-Sensor Detector (Optical/Heat) – Black from Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd is an innovative solution designed to seamlessly blend with your space, whilst providing a range of advanced fire detection features.

Why Choose Soteria Black Detectors?

  1. Flexibility for Designing Fire System Solutions

Soteria Black Detectors offer flexibility for system designers/architects designing projects where the visual appeal of the fire detection system is as important as its performance. By allowing the integration of black detectors within the same system, Soteria ensures that you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics. This flexibility makes them ideal for industrial-themed commercial spaces, where design and ambiance are key.

  1. Advanced Detection Technology

At the heart of the Soteria Black Detector is its advanced optical sensing technology, Purelight®. This technology detects smoke particles entering the chamber with high precision and is complemented by two thermistors that monitor heat. The combination of these sensors allows the detector to discriminate effectively against false alarms, making it a reliable choice for a wide range of applications.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

In addition to its detection capabilities, the Soteria Black Detector is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional ionisation detectors. Its advanced optical technology reduces the need for hazardous materials, aligning with sustainability goals and making it a suitable choice for environmentally conscious projects.

Key Features of the Soteria Black Detector

  • Specifiable for Exposed or Black Ceilings: Ideal for industrial-themed facilities where the design is critical.
  • TM65 Form Available: Supports sustainability builds and projects.
  • Five Modes of Operation: Provides ultimate fire detection and false alarm management across various applications.
  • Sophisticated Dynamic Algorithm: Ensures accurate sensitivity with transient rejection and drift compensation.
  • Integrated Isolator: Improves the integrity of the loop.

Discover how Soteria Black Detectors can enhance your next project. Visit Apollo Fire for more information.

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