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Lighting & Electrical

Space Air’s Computer Room Control Panels


Auto-changeover, lead/lag control panels. Designed to save energy and running costs, these simple to use panels are essential for the varying load of computer rooms.

Features include:
Auto-changeover on failure
Lead/lag operation (auto change 1 – 7 days)
Auto simultaneous operation on demand (both units operate if load increases)
Run and fault indication
Remote run/fault indication available
Easy installation
Energy saving benefits
Designed, manufactured and tested by Space Air to the highest Standards
Many combinations available and can be designed to suit your requirements e.g. 1 run – 1 standby, 2 run – 2 standby, 4 run – 4 standby, 4 run – 2 standby and so on
Monitored via iTM for iTouch and BMS

What can Space Air create for you?
Space Air creates bespoke designs in-house, manufacture, tests and commissions control systems for individual projects. Space Air can also accommodate up to 5 System Configurations on one of our Control Panels and all System Controls Unique to Space Air are Tested & Certified.

For further information please contact the marketing and business development team on 0845 319 1980, alternately email marketing@spaceair.co.uk or visit our web site www.spaceair.co.uk.