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Spectral Lighting Launches Energy Efficient STORA


Spectral Lighting, part of the RIDI Group, has released STORA, its latest ultra-efficient LED luminaire. The fitting provides 102 lumens per watt and creates a striking light effect by using an innovative microprism diffuser. Designed around the company’s JEP fitting (voted a top 10 LED luminaire by Lux readers) STORA is a stripped back variation of JEP that provides an affordable introduction to the Spectral oeuvre. Available as a pendant or surface mounted fitting, with a minimal, clean appearance, STORA (IP20) is ideally suited to modern architecture styles for corporate installations.

The light effect from the microprism creates a circular impression when viewed directly. If viewed from the side, the LEDs seem to disappear into holographic three dimensional structures, adding to the modern aesthetic and appeal of the design.

“STORA offers the perfect balance between great design and great efficiency,” says Jon Estell, Spectal’s Brand Manager in the UK. “The design of the luminaire means that all of the light is used effectively while still offering both a modern luminaire design and an engaging light effect.”

STORA is produced using top quality materials, including LED boards which are produced in-house at Spectral’s German facility, making it both durable and efficient. Providing 45W of power from its 200 mid power LEDs, the innovative one piece extruded aluminium profile has been specially designed to stop any light from escaping from the housing.
The mild indirect light is covered by clear acrylic panels to create a pleasant lighting effect, whilst the microprism diffuser ensures uniform light distribution without any glare from the direct light source.