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Spiral design revealed for government building


The first image of a new business centre for the government of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, has been released by Robin Monotti Architects.

The design has been approved by all departments of the local government of Tbilisi. The design is a direct response to its neighbouring building, one of the most important examples of Soviet architecture.

Robin Monotti’s design for the 16,000 sqm Tbilisi Business Centre proposes a glass building that contrasts with the solidity of its concrete neighbour, home to the Bank of Georgia, and adopts a circular plan that avoids competing with its box like cantilevers. A reference to the neighbour’s cantilevers is present in the overhanging circular discs that create each floor of the building. The offset plans will allow outside relaxation spaces on each level.

The site lies just outside the centre of Tbilisi on the Kura River and the design was inspired from Colkhetian gold temple spiral rings dating back from the 5th century BC. The 16 storey building will use solar control glass that will be able to reflect more than 30 per cent of the sun’s energy and the overhanging cantilevers will create solar shading to the floors below.