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Stay cool with Sureflow!


Thermal fluid systems are essential for the continued performance and efficiency of equipment. However, like all systems, regular monitoring is needed to ensure that a system is maintained and is fulfilling its capabilities. Hydratech, a leader in specialist heat transfer fluids, delivers a fluid maintenance programme Sureflow alongside its products, which is essential in the maintenance and preservation of any closed loop heating or cooling system.

Opting for specialist heat transfer fluids such as those provided by Hydratech offers users and specifiers the immediate benefits of corrosion, scale and biological inhibitors. However, rigorous monitoring of temperature and pressure is not enough to prevent damage by degraded heat transfer fluid. The direct correlation between the quality of a fluid and its performance means that its regular analysis is paramount, and to ensure the optimum performance of its fluids Hydratech offers its Sureflow fluid maintenance programme to all direct customers free-of-charge.

Hydratech has its own on-site technical laboratory where fluid testing and analysis is conducted. The company recommends the sampling and testing of a heat transfer fluid after commissioning and again after six months. Positive results from these tests will result in annual testing beyond this. Customers are supplied with pre-packaged and labelled bottles for collecting and dispatching samples, making the regular monitoring process of fluid a hassle-free operation for users. A written technical report from the Hydratech laboratory will confirm whether the fluid sample is within acceptable limits of concentration, pH, total dissolved solids and turbidity, and will help the user to maintain an efficient and effective thermal fluid system.

Hydratech is a leading manufacturer of highly efficient specialist heat transfer fluids for process cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, as well as for renewable energy systems. The company is particularly regarded for its high performance non-toxic DTX solutions, which eliminate the often-faced dilemma of choosing between the high-performing but toxic properties of ethylene glycol and the less-efficient but safer propylene glycol. The high quality fluids, technical expertise, and customer support provided by Hydratech ensure the continued best possible performance of a thermal fluid system.

Further information on the Sureflow programme is available from Hydratech on 01792 586800, email: info@hydratech.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website www.hydratech.co.uk