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Heating & Ventilation

Stelrad offers two important heating CPDs


Stelrad is proud to offer RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and CIBSE (Chartered Institute of British Service Engineers) accredited CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training.

You and your team can learn about the latest developments in radiators, with a CPD training session led by a fully qualified specialist from Stelrad. Each one-hour training sessions counts towards your 35 hours annual CPD requirement and can be arranged for you on a one-to-one or group basis at your practice, at a time to suit you.

Radical, Innovative and Eco-friendly Radiator Development Reduces Fuel Cost and Carbon Footprint
This introduces you to the latest innovations within the steel panel radiators sector. This CPD guides you in the use of radiators for room heating and presents new serial feed steel panel radiator technology and design. The CPD will enable you to confidently specify steel panel radiators, reduce fuel bills and minimise a property’s carbon footprint – domestic or commercial -whilst improving comfort levels in new and refurbished properties.

Radiator Burns: How to Avoid them and Comply with Legislation
This CPD provides guidance on the use of Low Surface Temperature (LST) steel panel emitters to avoid radiator burns and provide safe room heating particularly where young, old or vulnerable people will be living or congregating – in their homes or in public buildings such as hospitals, surgeries, care and nursing homes, nurseries, schools and in homes, including sheltered housing and assisted living homes. This CPD raises awareness of LST technology, regulations and products which providing safe space heating information for education, healthcare and other public buildings.

We offer you the opportunity to undertake Stelrad’s CPD training online with RIBA at your convenience. The courses are in a presentation format with a virtual teacher providing the voiceover alongside the slides. Answer the questions correctly at the end of the training to receive a completion certificate.

To book one of these CPD sessions, or to discuss opportunities further, call 01709 572201 or email info@stelrad.com.