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Stelrad swings into action!


Leading radiator manufacturer Stelrad Radiators has introduced its brand new, curved vertical premium panel radiator to the UK market – the Stelrad Swing.

The new model is based on Stelrad’s extremely popular Compact Vertex radiator but sees the addition of a one piece, curved steel front cover that gives it a modern and aesthetically pleasing designer feel. It comes in white as standard but can be specially ordered in up to 35 colours, making it an extremely attractive product for interior designers and architects, looking to match radiator colours with corporate or specific colour décor.

The Swing is available in two heights – either 1,820 or 2,020mm – in two types – either P+ (T21) or K2 (Type 22) and in a choice of lengths – from 504 to 727mm – a total of 12 SKUs. Btu/hr outputs range from 4,176 up to 8,107 at t50.

Stelrad’s Marketing Manager Sarah Baker says the Swing is already attracting significant interest:
“It’s a very stylish and instantly modern feeling radiator that will make the Swing a vital part of a room’s design. By introducing the Swing we’re continuing to see the radiator as very much a positive contributor to the décor. The quality, the look and the feel of a designer radiator makes a statement and adds to the validity of interior design. We’re confident that we’ll see a serious push for the Swing in the months ahead.”

Full details of the new Swing range can be found at www.stelrad.com or you can call for information on 0870 849 8056. You can follow Stelrad on Twitter @StelradRadiator or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/StelradRadiators.