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Stockton Riverside College chooses Fireco’s DMS as fire safety system of choice


Further education college, Stockton Riverside College has chosen leading fire safety provider, Fireco as their fire safety system of choice, with the installation of its Deaf Message Service (DMS).

The College’s health and safety team was looking for a fire safety system that could help alert students and staff with impaired hearing to be notified if a fire alarm went off on the campus.

They had previously used a deaf pager system which was linked to the College’s fire alarm but this had ceased to function and they were looking for a system which had higher user capacity and which was discreet and suited its students’ modern lifestyles.

Fireco’s Deaf Message Service (DMS) was the ideal solution. Allowing a deaf or person with impaired hearing to receive text messages alerting them to any fire alarms, the system brings the students and staff at Stockton Riverside a discreet way of dealing with fire alarms.

The DMS system works by the user entering a location code to the DMS number once they have entered the building where DMS is installed. Once a connection text is made, the person will be connected to that DMS system for the next 12 months, when a further text will be sent asking them to reconnect.

When the fire alarm sounds, the DMS controller, which is hardwired into the fire alarm panel, will trigger a process that sends a text message to all the people connected to that location.

For more information about Fireco’s products, visit www.firecoltd.co.uk or call 0845 241 7474.