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Synagogue refurbishment benefits from Hunter Douglas expertise


A landmark religious building in London has undergone an extensive refurbishment that includes bespoke ceiling solutions from Hunter Douglas.

The Mill Hill Synagogue formed more than 60 years ago and developed steadily, moving to a purpose-built site in the 1970s, and today it serves a community of around 1,200 members.

The busy community hub required refurbishment to help the building accommodate the wide array of events, organisations and meetings it hosts, alongside the regular religious services.

Hunter Douglas is renowned for the close working relationships its develops with architects, designers and builders from specification to installation and this was particularly true on the Mill Hill project. Liaising with PCC Interiors, the main installers, Hunter Douglas worked to ensure a bespoke system was created and disruption to the busy synagogue’s daily life was kept to a bare minimum.

The solution for the refurbishment saw a wooden ceiling installed as part of a reasonably challenging and complex scheme. Hunter Douglas wood ceilings and walls introduce a beautiful and organic element that fits in a wide variety of applications.

The company’s wall and ceiling panels feature durable construction; solid wood for linear systems and a choice of many veneers and a selection of acoustical and decorative perforations for tiles. For Mill Hill Synagogue, Hunter Douglas provided 350m2 of solid wood – Siberian Larch – in the linear open system with class ‘0’ fire treatment. The system features 92mm wide solid wood slats with a 19mm gap between them which is closed off using a black non-woven acoustic fleece.

As part of the scheme, 84RE external soffit panels were manufactured using exterior grade aluminium alloy finished with Luxacote paint which offers superior scratch resistance and UV stability. The solid wood interior ceiling was installed in a series of wedges, featuring concave and convex curves which follow the building roof line.

The Linear Wood system from Hunter Douglas provides extensive design freedom for interior and exterior applications. Concave, convex and undulating sections can easily be formed, thanks to the specially engineered suspension system.

At Mill Hill, this meant that a solid wood linear open system, curved in a hexagonal feature, was installed. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits of this bespoke ceiling to the main hall, the Hunter Douglas system also ensures a high level of acoustic absorption that helps to reduce the reverberation time and improve speech intelligibility within the space. This is particularly important during the services and various events that take place within the building.

Hunter Douglas uses only the finest quality of wood in the Linear Wood ceiling system. From raw timber to finished ceiling system, the company’s production process is carried out with the latest computer controlled machinery and closest supervision to ensure a high quality product.

A rich tradition of product innovation stretching back 40 years has made Hunter Douglas the company of choice for those seeking high quality architectural solutions.