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Safety & Security

System 3 keeps M & S customers safe


System 3 perimeter safety barriers have been installed by Berry Systems at the award winning Marks and Spencer Car Park, Cheshire Oaks. Designed by Aukett Fitzroy, the 950 space car park was built by Simons Developments of Lincoln and continues the environmental theme of the adjoining store. This is evident in features such as living walls and the electric vehicle charging points.

System 3 is a fully tested column mounted safety barrier system that uses tensioned steel rods and infill mesh panels to provide the impact resistance to meet the demands of BS EN 1991 -1-1 2002 Annex B, the European Standard that has superseded BS 6399 Part 1 1996, however the system is compliant with sustaining a 150kn load. With a zero footprint in the parking bay, System 3 allows architects to maximise the parking space available, while providing a flexible system that ‘gives’ on impact to minimise damage to vehicles and the barrier itself. In addition the low deflection figures means the barriers will not foul and damage other components of the car park such as cladding or, as at Cheshire Oaks, plant pods, vines and creepers.

Berry Systems2Berry Systems installed the barriers all round the perimeter of the upper deck and on both sides of the two way vehicle ramp. Specially curved sections were fabricated for the eastern corner of the deck where the car park is shaped to provide wider access to the ramp.

The unique design of System 3 also provides an integral pedestrian handrail and anti-climb mesh and the non-snagging panels protect against torn clothing and skin abrasions. These panels can also feature logos or other graphics to enhance the overall corporate aesthetics. The system is low maintenance and any necessary repairs can be carried out quickly and economically. System 3 is installed from the parking deck eliminating the need for scaffolding or other access equipment.

Berry Systems3The Marks and Spencer Cheshire Oaks Car Park won the Best New Car Park at the 2013 British Parking Awards to complete a double for Berry Systems who also installed the complete facade and the ramp safety barriers on the 2012 award winner, Birmingham Millennium Point multi-storey car park.

For further information call 01902 491100, email sales@berrysystems.co.uk or visit www.berrysystems.co.uk