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Tea With An Architect


Gabrielle Omar, best known as the first architect to appear on BBC1’s hit TV show The Apprentice, is launching a new campaign, ‘Tea With An Architect’ to integrate communities with their local architect.

Director of architectural practice ‘Gabrielle Omar and Associates’, Gabrielle left The Apprentice hailing for a brand overhaul in the architecture profession. Following her increased interaction with the public after the show, Gabrielle has realised that the large, iconic buildings springing up in the City, and their association with ‘star architects’, overshadow the general public’s knowledge of what an architect’s role really involves. Her new campaign intends to integrate the community back with their local architect, spreading the word of the profession and the benefits it can bring to homeowners.


Tea with an Architect (TWAA), attempts to produce a platform where members of the public can find their local ‘tea session’ whether it be a ‘Tea With An Architect’ organised event or an existing running session that local architects have formed themselves. Within these ‘tea sessions’, people are invited to bring along ideas, designs and questions for a free consultation with a local architect on topics relating from anything to personal home renovation to desired community aspirations.


The RIBA and its members has backed Gabrielle with the launch of this campaign. Angela Brady, RIBA president commented: “I welcome schemes like “Tea with an Architect” and the RIBA’s “Architect in the House”, they are vital if we are to break down the initial barriers and encourage homeowners to meet casually with an architect. It is a great opportunity to meet architects often for the first time in a friendly setting over a cup of tea. Making ourselves more accessible as a profession is very important in helping the public understand what we do, and how we can help them have better designed homes.”


“Architects design all types of buildings and spaces, from a skyscraper right down to remodelling existing homes or doing a kitchen extension! We can help home owners achieve their aspirations as well as adding value through good design in creating better spaces and a more sustainable building.”


The TWAA website currently hosts small existing events such as the monthly ‘Saturday Architect Surgeries’ at the Bristol Architecture Centre, to larger existing events such as ‘Ask the Expert’ area at Grand Designs Live.


The first ‘Tea with an Architect’ organised event launches at ECOBUILD, at ExCeL London between 5th and 7th March 2013.