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Telling Launches Eco Internal Insulation for Exterior Walls


Launched this month is a new internal insulation made from natural materials designed for solid exterior walls, from Telling Lime Products.

Homatherm is a superior insulation material made from wood fibre which has excellent vapour permeability and provides high levels of thermal insulation, heat protection and sound insulation for optimum energy saving. It is ideal for the thermal upgrading of exterior walls which are solid with no cavities.

Manufactured as slabs in three different thicknesses of 40, 60 and 80mm, Homatherm is made in a single thickness process, obviating the lamination layer glues that exist in some other systems, which can have a detrimental effect upon the true vapour permeability.

Application of Homatherm wood  fibre internal insulation is particularly appropriate for pre 1900’s buildings  where their solid walls usually ‘breathe’ through the lime mortar.  Indeed, the thermal insulation of  solid walls of heritage buildings creates an enormous challenge as external  overcladding is not possible as it would affect the existing architectural  aesthetic.  Here,  Homatherm wood fibre insulation slabs can be applied internally, and are the  ideal solution ensuring natural ‘breathability’ and through-wall  performance.

The permeability of the  Homatherm wood fibre slabs minimises interstitial condensation in the existing  construction to a level that enables the lime mortar to hydroscopically extract  these as vapour, thereby preventing damage to the structure. Telling Lime supply  their UNILIT range of natural hydraulic lime mortars for wall  finishing.

With DIN approval, Homatherm is  an ecologically sound product using CO2 neutral raw materials, free of chemicals and  with practically no emissions of VOC and formaldehyde.  It thus promotes a healthy and  comfortable living environment particularly suitable for allergy  sufferers.  Also when  installing the product, it is both lightweight and hazard-free in  handling.

Further information on the new  Homatherm wood fibre insulation is available from Telling Lime on 01902 797700, email info@telling.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website atwww.telling.co.uk