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The Artisan Group & Dr L’Art choose Rocket Doors Frames for their latest project


After using Rocket Door Frames on other projects the Artisan Group have chosen their ULTRA Flush Doors once again for their latest project with Dr L’Art. The doors elegant design, ease of installation and not least of all, the high quality have been crucial in their choice.

Rocket Doors are the leading manufacturers of flush door frames, these are commonly known as concealed doors or invisible doors and are a sleek and innovative design choice which is becoming a stable of modern architecture and interior design. By blending seamlessly into the surrounding walls they create a minimalist aesthetic that enhances the overall look and augments the feeling of a space.

Here is what the Artisan Group Project Manager Chao Liu had to say about Rocket ULTRA Flush Doors –

“Introducing Dr L’Art, a premier aesthetic clinic nestled in the heart of London at Unit 3, New Oxford Street, WC1A 1BA. From its humble beginnings as an empty shell room, we’ve transformed the space into a sophisticated sanctuary of beauty and wellness. Our innovative design features a meticulously crafted mezzanine floor, boasting 12 exquisite rooms, each adorned with the sleek elegance of ultra flush doors.

Led by the visionary Dr. Dianni Dai, a pioneer in the industry, Dr L’Art is dedicated to merging artistry with science to redefine beauty standards. The Rocket ULTRA Flush Doors, with their seamless integration and invisible allure, epitomises sophistication, effortlessly elevating the ambiance of our clinic. With their flawless design and understated beauty, these doors serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Welcome to Dr L’Art, where every element is curated to inspire and rejuvenate”

Rocket ULTRA Flush Doors offer so many possibilities and advantages for designers. Most importantly is the feeling of space they create as there are no architraves, being flush with the wall they can become virtually invisible and integrate into the overall design, whether it be just coloured or patterned. Particularly effective in modern, open concept living or working spaces where clean lines and minimalistic design elements are desired.

A further advantage of Ultra Flush Doors is their versatility in design as they can be customised to match any style or aesthetic, whether it be contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between. From sleek, minimalist finishes to textured surfaces the design possibilities are virtually limitless.

From residential homes to commercial spaces, Rocket ULTRA Flush Doors have the answer to your interior design statement enhancing the look and functionality of any space.

Last but not least and a market first, are the extremely competitive costs of Rocket ULTRA Flush Doors, made possible by a unique design and state of the art production facility making the cost of Flush Doors accessible to any small to large project.