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The Dik Geurts Vision Range. Built-in wood fires with visionary appeal.


DRU has launched the Dik Geurts Vision range of built-in wood burning fires. They are glass-fronted, contemporary models with standard chimney connection and 85% efficiency.

Vision 80 is a more compact model with 6 – 9 kW heat output that is designed for the standard UK chimney width. Vision 100 has 8 – 11 kW output and is for much larger-scale fireplace projects. Both fires have a natural vermiculite interior and screen-printed glass for a beautiful framed effect.

Special safety features include a user-friendly door catch and a discreetly placed log bar to prevent damage to the living room floor. For installers, the fires have a standard 150 mm chimney spigot with external air connection and full room-sealed operation. There are two additional convection ports capable of piping warm air to other rooms in the home, making a major contribution to household energy efficiency.

Dik Geurts is the brand name used by DRU fires for its contemporary wood fires and stoves. Originally an independent manufacturer with a strong reputation, Dik Geurts distinctive products are now designed and produced by DRU in the Netherlands to the highest quality standards.

As well as built-in wood fires, Dik Geurts produces high end designer wood stoves, corner fires, panoramic fires and tunnel fires. To see the full range, visit www.geurts.nl