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Doors & Windows

The Flyscreen Company


With the increased popularity of oversized sliding doors and windows the development of a suitable fly screen system has been a top priority.

Our Sliding Fly Screen System for panoramic Doors and Windows brings the garden in to the home with out the flying insects. Individual sliding panes can be made up to 2 metres wide and 2.5 metres high without the need for mid-rails, allowing uninterrupted panoramic views. A complete system is made from one or more panes to mirror the arrangement of the doors or windows being screened. Frames can be custom painted to match door and window frames. Strong PVC coated fibreglass mesh keeps flying insects out and allows light in with out restricting views. The system is designed to allow a variety of different fitting methods to suit specific door and window designs. Opening and closing the panes is easy with high quality rollers and ball bearings, ensuring the screens glide effortlessly. Screens are custom made to precise measurements ensuring they close to create a perfect seal to keep flying insects out.

For more information go to www.flyscreen.com or call 01454 238288