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The Hansgrohe ShowerTablet Select 300: a beautiful shelf and an intelligent shower control, rolled into one


With the ShowerTablet Select 300, the mixer and shower specialist Hansgrohe has launched a new product category for surface-mounted thermostats. At first glance a beautiful and welcome storage place for shower utensils in the shower enclosure, it turns out to be a well-conceived, ergonomic and convenient water and temperature control unit.

Finding space for shower and bathing essentials in a bathroom can often be difficult. Especially if every member of the family uses his or her own shampoo or shower gel. Why, then, should we not combine the useful with the necessary and turn two into one? That was the bright idea hit upon by the Hansgrohe developers working with Phoenix Design. A visually appealing 300-millimetre wide shelf for storage, in a unit that also does the work of a thermostat. The Hansgrohe ShowerTablet Select 300 with the innovative Select technology does both: it serves as an attractive and generously dimensioned shelf, and it provides a convenient way to control both the water flow and temperature. It does away with the need to invest in and install additional shelf space.

Well-designed ergonomics and intuitive operation

All control elements of the ShowerTablet Select 300 are arranged at the front for easy access. The user can see immediately how to turn the water on or off, and how to accurately set the preferred temperature. The Select buttons with their elegant matt finish are positioned on the left and feature clear symbols showing that a simple push of a button is enough to turn the shower – or the bath spout, in the case of a bathtub thermostat – on or off. The temperature can be set with great accuracy by means of the ergonomically designed rotary control element, which is easy to operate even with soapy hands. Users of all ages and physical ability will welcome the ergonomic and intuitive operation. Moreover, there is an option to install the Select buttons in such a way that they protrude slightly when they are in the shut-off position, making it easier to locate them by touch.

Practical and eye-catching

The timeless architectural shape with its gently rounded edges encapsulated in a clean SoftCube design is eye-catching and blends harmoniously into the bathroom environment. With a precision fit flush-to-the-wall and a level shelf surface made of high-quality safety glass, the ShowerTablet Select 300 is easy to clean and, if used in a bathroom renovation project, it perfectly conceals existing connections.

Separated from the water supply, the casing maintains a constant, pleasant surface temperature. The rounded edges make for additional safety.

To install, the ShowerTablet Select 300 is simply pushed onto the pre-installed S connectors and secured from below. This makes installation and maintenance easy and convenient. The ShowerTablet Select 300 surface-mounted thermostat is available in two colour versions: in chrome, and in crisp-looking white-chrome with a white shelf. It is available as separate products for the bathtub and the shower.

The Hansgrohe ShowerTablet Select 300 does both: it serves as an attractive and generously proportioned shelf, and it provides a convenient way to control both the water flow and temperature.

All the control elements are arranged at the front for easy access. Even with soapy hands, the user can immediately see how to accurately set temperature and water flow by means of an ergonomically designed control element.