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The new workplace … with structured relaxation furniture, create the ultimate office coffee break.


Recharge your batteries and unwind for a few minutes after long draining back-to-back meetings. At Ambient Lounge® we put comfort first, with tensile elastic structure providing a soft and sturdy lounge, allowing you to dive into blissful relaxation. Lush quilting and premium fabrics provide a thick padded layer that creates a gorgeous form, which designers and project managers love. It is this unique design feature that sets our bean bags above the rest and thus creates a longer lasting premium product. Our designers have carefully selected the best fabrics to combine, creating luscious interior and exterior commercial grade materials in a variety of fabric colours.

What makes a great contemporary office breakout space? … Office interior designers need to nail breakout zones as these spaces are often the fulcrum of a great office design, binding a company’s personality and balance. It’s a million-dollar question that should be achievable on a moderate budget with some creative thinking and design. Emphasising genuine employee happiness and productivity.

With employees now tending to spend more time yearning for that work life balance and remote working in place, a beautiful, aspirational breakout space is essential for any company to motivate employees and create the right atmosphere of workflow and aspiring lifestyle.

Breakout spaces don’t have to be dull and lifeless with just a chair and a coffee machine. These are spaces to entice informal gatherings, coffee breaks, brainstorming sessions, screen-free thinking spaces, private conversations, relaxation and power meditation zones. In recent times, with the digital age culture truly set in for millennials – school libraries have struggled to get kids to come in and study or simply read books for pleasure. The foundation of all learning often takes a back seat to social chat apps, games and social media.

We collaborate with co-working design brands and progressive companies to create the ultimate breakout areas that employees love. A healthy mind space is pivotal to wellbeing, creating cathartic meditation zones. Ambient Lounge® can help your mind relax and digitally disconnect from the bustling city. From working with well-known brands such as Gymshark to co-working agencies such as CUBO, we have helped them achieve their goal of creating an inviting break out space that can be both functional and comfortable. Essentially creating a place that people want to get out of bed and go to.

Our soft furniture loungers are comfy, cozy, flexible, and lightweight transportable; suitable for B2B and B2C. If you’re interested in creating your own commercial co-working break-out space or dream home office and would like to discuss your concept with Ambient Lounge, our project team; Rachel Lunn, Sonal Mistry or Grant Morris, will help to work with your design strategy to create the ultimate break-out space. All of our products are available in 3D files for rendering pre-project.

Office: Oldknows Factory, Unit 5C, Nottingham NG3 4GN
Telephone: +44 (0) 844 579 1112
Mobile: +44 (0) 7481 893 141
Email: info@ambientlounge.co.uk
Website: www.ambientlounge.co.uk

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