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The Optimal Shower Package


Horne Engineering Ltd, experts in temperature control since 1909, holds a strong and long established reputation for product quality and design innovation. The Duŝo shower column is Horne’s latest design specifically intended for group shower installations in schools, community leisure and team sport facilities, including poolside and outdoor environments. The Duŝo is withoutequal in terms of its aesthetic appeal, ease of installation and enhanced functionality. 4 colourways provide additional visual impact to set off or complement the interior design. The interchangeable coloured components can also be used in a practical sense to denote a cooler shower, offer a visual aid to users with limited sight or indicate a particular stage of a prescribed cleaning regime. The Duŝo also excels in its durability and ease of maintenance – come to Leisure Industry Week and visit

Stand L221 to see just how good the Duŝo is.

Tel: 01505 321455 www.horne.co.uk/Products/Duso