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The Reclaimed Flooring Company Now Sells To The Trade


Cheshire, UK, 27 September 2012- Every inhabited space has a character of its own. A singular personality, with its own history and its own unique story to tell. In-spite of the diverging fads and philosophies of interior design one tenet has always held true: no material on earth has a richer story to tell than vintage wood.

The Reclaimed Flooring Company is the newest and most innovative purveyor of salvaged and replica reclaimed wood flooring in the U.K. Only the highest quality new and vintage woods are hand-picked from all over Europe, brought to the workshops in Greater Manchester, UK and planed, sanded, bleached, distressed, hand-worked, organically colored and finished to our clients specific needs and tastes. We provide the broadest pallette imaginable for clients to paint an unparalleled vision of their home or work space. Choose from a variety of colors and finishes to give voice to the rare character of your space. Elevate it with the stately and timeworn character of Pre-Finished Victorian Pine or French Oak. Punctuate it with the flare of Painted Chevron Parquet. Embellish it with the dramatic depth of distressed and reclaimed Beam Oak. RFC provides the materiel and craftsmanship to add yet another thrilling chapter to the story of your space.

Reclaimed Flooring Co is and always will be dedicated to environmental sustainability- it’s inherent in our business and evident in our operations. All of our trading policies aim to maximize productivity from the resources we use, while minimizing waste and leaving as small an environmental footprint as we can. By responsibly salvaging the quality wood we use for our flooring we can save massive amounts of new timber from being felled and preserve countless forests and woodlands for future generations.

We at RFC will be forever dedicated to environmentally harmonious and technologically innovative products. We manufacture and supply hand-crafted replica and genuine reclaimed engineered Oak flooring using the most cutting-edge tools and methodology available to suit the more practical needs of modern homes and buildings built with underfloor heating. We aim to become one of the biggest suppliers of genuine reclaimed engineered flooring in the UK by the start of 2013, some of these French and other European Oak used for the solid top layer, will be up to 200 years old- which is a first for genuine reclaimed engineered oak flooring.

Visit us on-line at www.reclaimedflooringco.com to learn more and visualize all that we have to offer and please give us your feedback on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Check these spaces and our blogs regularly to hear about our newest products and our plans to offer out product and services globally at the start of 2013.