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Energy Saving Heating & Ventilation

The Renewable Design Company


The Renewable Design Company is a new name but with years of experience in the renewable energy industry. Launched in 2012 with the key objective of ensuring that the ‘design’ element of renewable installations is at the forefront and with the aim to demystify the different technologies and their combinations.

Design is crucial to getting the most out of any renewable installation. Too often short cuts by builders, plumbers and heating engineers at the design phase lead to underperforming systems and underwhelmed clients. RDCo navigate customers through the alternatives in plain English plus provide a free quotation and estimate of savings and paybacks. A free quotation is an invaluable service when considering converting to renewables.

At RDCo you can be sure of dealing with friendly and professional individuals who will provide the best and greenest system possible at the most competitive price. The team, have a wealth of experience and the Design Director Mark Witzenberger is well known for his attention to detail. He is responsible for the effective and efficient output of many of the UK’s largest installations, including water, ground and air source heat pumps and biomass. It is one thing to want to cut carbon emissions but it’s another thing to do it professionally and economically.

If you own or occupy commercial premises then you could be eligible for payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive, or RHI as it is more commonly known. It is a Government incentive, which pays the owner of eligible renewable installations (heat pumps, biomass or solar thermal) for the heat that is produced. The scheme is extremely generous and gives the owner of the installation an index linked 12-15% return on investment guaranteed by the government for 20 years. You really couldn’t find a better investment anywhere else. Often the payback is as little as 5 years, followed by a further 15 years of payments making the cost of heating your premises negligible.

On top of these savings the client will also benefit from lower heating costs and for a new build you will enjoy extra BREEAM points by installing a renewable heat source.

This also works for Contractors. As an example, imagine that you are tendering for a design and build contract for a new doctor’s surgery. Your total tender price comes to £1.5million for the whole project and you know that you are neck and neck for the project with a competitor. However, you switch the 100kW gas boiler which was specified, for a 100kW ground source heat pump system with boreholes.

You omit the cost of the gas system (including getting gas to site) to save £60k and then add about £120k to your bid price for the ground source heat pump leaving a net increase of £60k. For this £60k the client will receive £278k over 20 years in RHI payments and save approximately £4k per year in gas heating costs. The first year RHI payment of £10,340 plus the heating cost saving of £4k means that the client’s total financial benefit is £14,340 in the first year, or a return on the initial £60k investment of 24%.
Despite the lucrative returns offered by the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme the number of new renewable heat installations in the UK is still below the government’s target. They have stated their intention to use building regulations and the planning process to increase the uptake of renewables.

All this means that your company has everything to gain from embracing renewable heating technologies.