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The Façade Seals


The Rubber Company offers a comprehensive selection of rubber glazing seals, weather seals, and fixing profiles for various applications. Our range of façade rubber seals is designed to suit diverse environments and applications. We maintain a diverse stock of standard façade seals, ensuring fast delivery times. Additionally, we specialise in crafting custom gaskets, seals, and pads tailored precisely to your specific requirements.

Our façade rubber seals cater to both modern construction projects and the restoration of historical buildings. Several older structures from the 1970s and 1980s might currently have outdated façade seals, potentially made from materials or profiles that have since been surpassed by more effective alternatives. In many instances, these aging seals have exceeded their functional lifespan, significantly diminishing their efficiency and jeopardising the structural integrity. With continuous advancements in materials and manufacturing, our latest façade seals offer significantly improved energy efficiency and a prolonged service life compared to their predecessors.

Frequently collaborating with architects, building owners, developers, and engineers worldwide, we maintain direct engagement throughout the entire process, starting from the initial design phase all the way to large-scale production. This hands-on approach guarantees that our façade rubber seals are precisely tailored to complement the structure and panels seamlessly.

Glazing & Façade Restoration

Our EPDM and Silicone profiles offer an enhanced, eco-friendly glazing seal option that ensures greater efficiency. As seals age, their sealing efficacy tends to decline, leading to compromised insulation and increased heat loss. By crafting top-tier, customised seals designed to seamlessly fit your existing setup, we ensure superior durability and insulation performance. This not only minimises future heating expenses but also contributes to the creation of an environmentally conscious building.

Curtain Wall Solutions

Our selection of extruded glazing seals, gaskets, and setting blocks is perfectly suited for a diverse array of curtain wall systems. Leveraging top-notch compounds, we guarantee exceptional durability along with superior resistance to temperature variations and weathering. By utilising Silicone, we can produce these components in a wide selection of colours, including translucent options. This feature enables our seals to either remain discreetly concealed or seamlessly integrate with your branding aesthetics.

Store Fronts & Entrance Systems

The functionality and visual appeal of businesses or buildings heavily rely on the effectiveness of their storefronts and entrances. Our expertise lies in collaborating directly with designers, engineers, and architects to develop customised extruded seals or gaskets that precisely meet any specific requirement.



EPDM stands out as the preferred material for façade seal systems, primarily due to its remarkable resistance to weathering. Its unique blend of strong mechanical properties, along with high elongation rates and flexibility, enables our EPDM glazing seals to perform exceptionally well across diverse applications and environments.


Silicone is widely known for its superb high temperature resistance as well as being incredibly stable. This makes it the ideal choice for use in highly specialised applications. It also available in a wide selection of colours.

While EPDM and silicone are widely used for façade seals, we recognise that they might not be a perfect fit for your specific application. Understanding this, we offer the capability to produce seals from an extensive range of compounds, including rubber and thermoplastic elastomers, ensuring a tailored solution to meet your distinct needs. Feel free to reach out to us for further details on our façade seals.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Moulded Corners
  • Spliced Corners
  • Spliced Frames
  • Vulcanised Frames
  • Extruded Profiles
  • Co-Extruded Profiles Including Solid & Cellular
  • Injection Moulded Components
  • Fully Cellular Gaskets
  • Surface Treatments


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