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The year of the hexagon


Hexagon tiles are the breakout success story of 2013, and to meet this demand Solus Ceramics have developed a range composed entirely of hexagon shapes.

Hexagram is an exciting new series of hexagon wall and floor tiles that consists of 13 bold colours in a matt finish in a 100x115mm size.

solus 1  Due to the equal vertices, the hexagons can be fitted together perfectly and can be arranged in infinite patterns.

Tiles from the Hexagram range can also be used as borders or special decorations and can be mixed with tiles from our Program range to create even more interesting patterns.

The range has been specifically handpicked so that colours work well individually and also when mixed together.

solus 2Often called ‘nature’s perfect shape’ due to their appearance in beehives, flowers and snowflakes, hexagons shaped tiles are the perfect way of bringing organic unity into a space.

The Hexagram range has recently been used in a number of high profile projects including Ask Italian Beckenham and Ask Italian Ipswich to wonderful effect.

For more information contact the sales team at Solus Ceramics.