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ThermoSphere’s new CPD…’Specifying Electric Heating & Achieving Compliance’.


ThermoSphere’s new CPD…’Specifying Electric Heating & Achieving Compliance’.

We’re proud to announce the launch of this new CPD. What can you expect to discover in this one-hour session? We explore the latest changes in the construction industry such as SAP 10 and the evolving Part L Building Regulations and their impact on specifying electric heating for residential and commercial projects. It also includes…

ThermoSphere CPD

  1. Changes in the industry
    Why changes in the industry are making electric heating adoption easier, covering; net zero, SAP 10 and the changes to Part L Building Regulations.
  2. A guide to specifying floor heating
    Including when to specify different types of systems, example floor build-ups, reducing heat loss, the real benefits in residential dwellings and more.
  3. Comparing SAP 10 with SAP 2012
    Practical examples that highlight the key differences between the two and how it has made electric heating easier to specify.
  4. Reducing water waste with water heating
    Real life examples, results and comparisons of traditional water heating systems with more modern alternatives.
  5. Now and the future
    How electric heating is helping to solve building challenges now and its future.

You can register for the CPD or if you have any questions, please reach out to one of the Projects Team.

Discover more about ThermoSphere and our products or call us on 0800 019 5899.

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