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Tile to Cracked Floors with Nicobond D-Mat 3L


Ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles are used widely as an attractive, durable, easy to clean and largely maintenance free floor covering. The use of hard flooring is increasingly being used as an option that offers added value, durability and enhanced quality to any project.

N&C Nicobond have introduced to the tiling market, Nicobond D-Mat 3L, a revolutionary decoupling mat and anti fracture membrane for the secure fixing of tiles and natural stone onto problematic substrates.

Tiling to cracked floors or green screeds can cause damage, resulting in costly tile installations to fail. The use of Nicobond D-Mat 3L prevents the transfer of stresses between the substrate and the tiled surface as it separates the floor covering from the substrate acting as an uncoupling membrane to neutralise the deformation or cracks in the substrate.

A conventional construction program allows for concrete slabs to be placed and allowed to cure for a period of approximately 6 weeks. A sand and cement screed is often applied as a topping and this requires a further 3 weeks to cure. Sometimes due to time constraints, a work program does not allow for this timeframe and the tile installer takes a risk of shrinkage within the base which could easily cause cracking or tenting of the tiles. Nicobond D-Mat 3L allows tiles to be laid once the screed is sufficiently hard to accept foot traffic so overcomes the need to take these risks.

Through thorough testing, Nicobond D-Mat 3L surpasses the performance of any other similar system in the marketplace, and through its construction, is waterproof, load bearing, equalises vapour pressure with impressive adhesion performance due to its fleece surface.

For more information or to request your brochure or sample wallet, please call 0845 605 1345, e-mail info@nichollsandclarke.com.

See the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF-HoHLFobw