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Tommafold Folding door systems


Tommafold is a unique, patented folding door system, providing all the components required to create a premium result for folding doors, also known as bi-fold doors. Tommafold is often used to open out a room, offering increased light and during summer months joining inside space with outside living. Tommafold, predominantly working with wooden frames can also be used to create inside room divisions in homes or hotels.

Tommafold allows doors to open up to 1000mm wide and carry a weight of up to 100kg per panel. Tommafold is extraordinarily robust and secure, with heavy duty precise hinges tested to over 200,000 cycles.

Tommafold has a patented, superior hinge handle set that offers a substantial forged handle and matching hinge set. This design is exclusive to Runners, the sole distributors for the UK and Europe.

Manufactured using high grade stainless steel, Tommafold is available in satin stainless, polished stainless and polished brass finishes, allowing the doors to be used in a variety of settings.

Tommafold carries a 10 year warranty. Years of development and testing have produced an extremely durable product that is easy to install. The unique compact track allows for reduced frame section without comprising load capacity. Tommafold offers fast instalment with carrier and guide hinges that are pre-assembled and locked into position.

Tommafold folding door systems come with stylish high quality all metal flush bolts, available as locking and non-locking. Security has featured prominently in the design process, with concealed fixings, there are no external parts that can be damaged.  Tommafold door hinges cannot be removed from the shaft once installed, have a 10mm heavy duty shaft and a security locking screw that’s only accessible from inside the property.

The unique Tommafold bottom blade seal is carefully designed to prevent water entering the bottom track, this optional seal is highly recommended on outward opening configurations.

Tommafold offer accessories such as the Tommafold sleek magnetic hold open devices, securely holding doors in place when open.

Runners sliding door systems are the exclusive UK and European distributor for Tommafold. Runners are based in Buckingham and offer next day delivery and full technical support.

For more information go to www.runners-uk.com or call 01280 822288



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