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TROX introduces X-FANS to UK market with new product launches for ventilation and smoke extraction


TROX is proud to introduce its new X-FANS range of ventilation and smoke extraction products to the UK market and announces four new additions to this extensive portfolio.

In October 2012, the TROX Group acquired the Building Fan Division of TLT-Turbo GmbH – a subsidiary of Siemens AG, based in Germany. With over 140 years experience, this new division – TROX TLT GmbH – is a world leader in the development, manufacture and sale of fans for technical building systems, including axial, centrifugal, and roof fans, as well as fans for duct installation. The products, for ventilation and smoke extraction in buildings such as airports, hotels, factories, offices, enclosed car parks and traffic systems, complement the existing TROX product lines perfectly. The acquisition completes the TROX Group’s portfolio of ventilation and air conditioning components and means that TROX can now offer customers a complete system (even in applications considered specialist or niche) from one source.

From April 16th 2013, products manufactured by the TROX TLT division will be available in the UK market under the X-FANS brand name. What is more, four brand new product lines have been added: the X-FANS EC Roof Fan range for ventilation; the X-FANS Impulse Jet Fan range for smoke extraction from galleries; the X-FANS Jet Ventilation System for enclosed car parks; and the VDS VentilatorDiagnoseSystem.

TROX UK managing director Ian Sams commented, “The acquisition is the latest development in a long term strategy to position TROX as an outstanding full-service supplier, whatever the requirements of the project. Bringing the X-FANS product portfolio under the TROX umbrella offers customers engineering excellence, energy-efficient products, and first class service across a more diverse range of applications than ever before. And, as products can be sourced from a single point, TROX customers benefit from a high degree of planning reliability, and perfectly coordinated systems, with less organisational effort.”

New X-FANS EC Roof Fan range
With their intelligent EC motor control, new energy efficient DRV B EC roof fans from the TROX X-FANS range cut the energy consumption of buildings for reduced carbon emissions and lower operating costs. The roof fans extract room air and discharge it to the outside of the building with high efficiency and low noise. A certified in-house test rig ensures the best possible quality, to ISO 5801 criteria, and all fans and motors meet ERP requirements. An upgrade to IE3 Premium Efficiency is underway. DRV B EC fans are suitable for either residential or industrial buildings, and are made of weather-resistant aluminium for ease of transport, installation and maintenance. The fans can be combined with sensors and supplied, as an option, with an integral volume flow rate measuring unit if required.

New X-FANS Impulse Jet Fan for galleries
The new X-FANS Impulse Jet Fan is the first to support natural heat and smoke extraction from galleries. When temperatures are high, heat builds up easily under gallery roofs. The Impulse Jet Fan facilitates the dissipation of thermal loads through the openings in the roof. In case of a fire the impulse of the fan jet keeps the relevant areas smoke-free.

All X-FANS smoke exhaust fans have been certified for different temperature ranges (200°C, 300°C, 400°C and 600°C), tested to EN 12101, part 3, and CE-certified. All come with application approval.

New X-FANS Jet Ventilation System for enclosed car parks
The new X-FANS Jet Ventilation System provides an alternative to traditional CO and smoke gas extraction systems specifically designed for enclosed car parks. Instead of utilising axial fans and extract air shafts from fire compartments, the new X-FANS Jet Ventilation System removes air containing CO via one or several central shafts.

In ventilation mode, jet fans under the ceiling ensure a continuous flow of fresh air and provide mixing. In the event of a fire, hot smoke (which spreads just below the ceiling of the underground car park) is removed by powerful smoke extraction fans in the central shafts. Once smoke is detected, the jet fans are automatically switched on and drive hot fire gases towards the central shafts. The enables everyone to evacuate the area, and then establishes an aerodynamic smoke control centre to be implemented to assist the fire service’s efforts to extinguish the fire.

As mentioned, all X-FANS smoke exhaust fans have been certified for different temperature ranges (200°C, 300°C, 400°C and 600°C), tested to EN 12101, part 3, and CE-certified. All come with application approval.

X-FANS VDS VentilatorDiagnoseSystem
Also new for the X-FANS range is the VDS VentilatorDiagnoseSystem, a market unique accessory for smoke exhaust fans which incorporates innovative diagnostic technology for improved condition monitoring and reduced operating and maintenance costs. Utilising an intelligent algorithm, based on statistics from more than one hundred measurement analyses of installed and working smoke exhaust fans, the diagnostic technology of the VDS removes the need to replace bearings and lubricants at two to five year intervals. The service life of these safety-critical products can therefore be increased to well over 20 years. All that is necessary is a 30-minute diagnosis run every year, in addition to switching the fan on and off once every six months. The VDS can be used for all roof, centrifugal and axial fans and has certification, in its own right, under EN 12101, part 3.

For more information about the X-FANS product range contact TROX on telephone: 01842 754545 or visit www.trox-tlt.com