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Trusted recommendation from top architect leads to installation of Schlüter®-Bekotec-Therm


A self-build project on a unique family home has seen the installation of the state-of-the-art underfloor heating system, Schlüter®-Bekotec-Therm, after being recommended by architect firm MPC Partnership.

Close to Crackley Wood and overlooking Green Belt, the unique property of Crackley Hill Grange near Kenilworth has seen a major redevelopment with an extension to the ground floor. As part of the revamp of this property, design specifications required the very best eco-friendly energy saving heating system.

With this is mind, architect Michael Pilkington of MPC Partnership turned to the energy efficient Schlüter®-Bekotec-Therm underfloor heating system, which is able to distribute heat much faster due to a 30% thinner screed compared to other similar systems. The patented low assembly height of Schlüter’s ceramic thermal comfort floor allows it to respond more rapidly to temperature changes due to the interconnected air channels within the Schlüter®-Ditra membrane, which in turn means it requires significantly less energy to heat the room to the required temperature.

Michael explained why he recommended Schlüter-Systems when it came to Crackley Hill Grange, he comments, “This project required installation of an underfloor heating system throughout the ground floor, covering seven rooms, each with their own thermostat controller. However, with the timescale for completion quite tight and the need for an energy efficient system, other underfloor heat systems simply didn’t offer the same quality as Schlüter®-Bekotec-Therm.

“Having worked with other underfloor heating systems, we found the Schlüter®-Bekotec-Therm surprisingly easy and straightforward when it came to installation. The thinner screed was a great time saver and each step was completed without any problems. However, any questions we did have were answered quickly and clearly by Schlüter’s expert technical team which gave us great confidence in the job we were doing.

“The end result after installation was a family home fitted with the latest and very best underfloor heating technology, from kitchen through to the front porch. This has created a comfortable, warm and eco-friendly environment for all, complete with room controllers that mean occupants can adjust the heating level to their liking.”

Ian Knifton, Divisional Manager at Schlüter-Systems, comments, “Schlüter®-Bekotec-Therm stands out as the ideal underfloor heating system to install because of its modular system which is economical, effective and energy efficient. The fact that an architect such as Michael who prides himself on an unmistakeable level of quality has not only recommended, but installed out system is a real feather in our cap. It emphasises the product’s effectiveness and suitability for such a stand-out project.

“Its low supply temperature of approximately 30°C, compared to the more conventional 50°C or the 70-90°C in some radiator systems, means Schlüter®-Bekotec-Therm is extremely effective both with conventional heat generation methods and regenerative energy sources such as heat pumps or solar panels which are often found in new build properties.”

From a construction perspective Schlüter®-Bekotec-Therm is quick to install due to less material being used than in other systems; highly durable, with loads in private and commercial buildings up to 5kN/m2.

Ian adds, “As well as its performance and ease of use, what makes Schlüter®-Bekotec-Therm really stand out from the crowd is its five year assembly warranty. Unlike other systems, which just provide component warranties, Schlüter®-Bekotec-Therm customers can have the peace of mind that our warranty covers the whole floor assembly therefore adding additional safety and benefits to this innovative system.”

Additional benefits and further technical information on the award winning Schlüter®-Bekotec-Therm can be found at www.bekotec-therm.co.uk. Alternatively you can telephone 01530 813396 or email bekotec-therm@schluter.co.uk.

With over 8,000 products in its range, Schlüter-Systems has an essential role to play in every professional tiling project. To find out how it can help you to create more beautiful and longer-lasting installations, please telephone 01530 813396 or visit the website at www.schluter.co.uk.