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University of Hertfordshire


As part of an ongoing drive to improve student and staff accessibility as well as deliver low energy access solutions, the University of Hertfordshire has nearly 180 automatic door systems installed across campus.  Three years ago  TORMAX UK Ltd took over the maintenance contract, streamlining repairs by offering bi-annual service checks and callout cover through their nationwide team of trained engineers.  “Since taking on TORMAX to deliver a planned maintenance contract our usual remedial call out rate for automatic doors has been cut by nearly 80% – down from 150 to just 13 per year” confirms Duncan Rennie, Technical Services Manager for Graham FM who is responsible for facilities management at the University.  “We have been delighted with the overall reduction in expenditure delivered by the TORMAX maintenance service”.

Since the year 2000 the University of Hertfordshire has invested over £200m in building development, significantly improving the student and staff experience through the upgrading of outdated facilities.  In 2011 the University Board of Governors approved the ambitious 2020 Estates Vision that aims to deliver an even greater number of significant academic buildings.

A range of TORMAX entrances are installed at the University, many of which are powered by their hi-tech iMotion operators.  Unique in the market, these operators utilise an in-house designed and manufactured asynchronous motor which, thanks to advanced engineering, do not require any gears or brushes – those parts which regularly need replacing.  Competitively priced, TORMAX door drives deliver a cost-effective, sustainable solution, delivering reliable operation often as much as 15-20 years after installation.

To ensure any automatic entrance satisfies current regulations it must be maintained in line with manufacturers’ recommendations.  With so many entrances at the University it is imperative that careful maintenance records are kept. TORMAX provides unique reference codes for each doorset, carefully logging all inspections, details of basic checks carried out, reports on repairs and new part replacements as well as any emergency call outs.