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Unprecedented Sales Growth for Through Wall Supplier


2016 was a very successful year for RCM Ltd, a major supplier of building boards, façades and complete through wall solutions in the UK.

Originally the challenge for 2016 had been to further enhance RCM’s product range and services, as well as being the very best in offering cost effective solutions without compromise on quality.

On top of successfully achieving these objectives, RCM also managed to increase its overall turnover by £4m compared to the previous year.

This unprecedented sales growth was seen across RCM’s product range, with particular emphasis on the sheathing board range.  This includes products, such as Cemboard, with its excellent acoustic properties and the BBA certified A1 non-combustible certified Y-wall.  Dafa’s airtightness products, as well as RCM’s façade offerings, told of an equal success story.

Since 2004, RCM has steadily increased its turnover and in 2016 managed to achieve sales in excess of £12m.  2016 also saw the company undertaking a successful array of interesting and high-status projects, ranging from the huge Rathbone Market project to more recently the new Holiday Inn Express in Birmingham, where RCM supplied the façades, providing the hotel with its unique appearance.

The exclusive distributor appointment of RCM by Extremegreen for its MgO board range, in the UK and Eire, also took place in 2016.  This was followed by another coup for RCM with the signing of access to Swiss Pearl products for distribution in England, Wales and Scotland.  RCM is proud to have been supported by a dedicated, knowledgeable and loyal team.

“RCM have grown at a steady pace since 2004. We are very proud to have achieved such great results in what is just a little over 13 years.  Since 2014 we have witnessed a steep increase in sales for RCM with 2016 sales figures being the best yet.

RCM is very fortunate to have a great product portfolio, great customer relationships and a great team working to the best of their abilities. The results speak for themselves.”  (Ian Quinton, Managing Director, RCM Ltd)

Investment in infrastructure to accommodate the ever expanding team, acquisition of additional cutting machinery, as well as obtaining testing and fire-rated certifications for its expanding range of products are just a few of RCM’s commitments for 2017 and beyond.

Looking to the future, RCM hopes to continue its successful journey by satisfying and exceeding all its customers’ expectations.

CPD Seminars

For those interested in finding out more, RCM provides informative CPD sessions including a guide to materials, applications and specification considerations for building boards, internal and external linings and rainscreen façades, covering:

  • What a specifier needs to consider
  • Board materials and benefits
  • Board applications
  • Work on site

For more details call 0800 612 4662 or email info@rcmltd.biz.

Further information – Marianne Wolff, Marketing Executive, RCM Ltd., telephone 01782 940910 or email  marianne.wolff@rcmltd.biz or amy.baker@rcmltd.biz


Notes to Editor:

RCM are a major supplier of complete through wall solutions to the UK construction industry.

Supplying specialist building boards, façades, breather membranes, airtightness solutions and roofing products, RCM offers a fully integrated approach to the building envelope, specifying and providing products to the correct specification for all building applications. RCM work openly in collaboration with clients and supply-chain partners to mutual benefit to ensure that the most efficient and appropriate solutions can be found for every project.


  • RCM is part of the Benx Group with over £40 million turnover
  • Established in 2004, RCM has a multi-million company turnover
  • RCM offer technical support from a team of experts
  • RCM’s products are specified for use in external façades, fire protection, acoustic, airtightness and decorative applications
  • RCM has experience across all market sectors including: healthcare, education, residential, leisure and transport

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