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Lighting & Electrical

Victorian Home, Hampton Hill


Geri and her partner live in a traditional Victorian home. Due to the age of the building and the materials used in the original design, data connectivity is a common problem.

By installing a Power Ethernet socket close to the modem in the lounge, then adding Mainline Premium Data Sockets, Geri is able to access power and high speed data wherever Mainline track is in the house.

“The solution is great for our home and matches our design taste perfectly. We are always buying new technology and having Mainline gives us the ability to power all of our gadgets without the need for a tangle of extension leads, or the annoyance of data connectivity dropping out when moving from room to room. We installed the Mainline power and data solution in a number of rooms, which gives us consistently high network speeds, as well the convenience of power access at any point. I often work from home, and it’s important for me to not be fixed to one work-space when I’m here. Equally, if I want to watch a film on my laptop or browse the web, I don’t want the burden of having to stick to one spot near my wireless router in case the connection drops out. Mainline solves all these problems for me. I love the system!”