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Vistamatic – the only triple glazed privacy vision panels to offer a lifetime guarantee


Vistamatic® vision panels are the most specified secure glazed observation units on the market with manufacturing facilities in the UK and USA. They are the only manufacturer of a triple glazed privacy vision panel to offer a lifetime warranty.

Established for over 40 years Vistamatic offer the widest range of glass specification, sizes and types in the market, from a standard square panel to a porthole panel to a wall screen. Panels are available with either vertical or horizontal lines to meet any aesthetical design.

Vista2Vistamatic Vision Panels can be used wherever intermittent/discreet observation is required, such as a room in a hospital, health centre, mental health establishment, police stations, prison cells, schools and colleges to name but a few. Within technical limits the size and shape of the panels are variable according to the function and design considerations. The adaptable panels can accommodate a wide range of glazing and handle options providing a safe and practical solution to most design criteria.

The special patented integrated designed cam mechanisms which are manufactured in either stainless steel or nickel chrome plate, are available for the whole Vistamatic range which enables Vistamatic Ltd to offer a lifetime warranty.

Vistamatic® is NOT a generic name for a triple glazed privacy vision panel.