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VIVO II: maximum design freedom for accent lighting


Zumtobel’s new VIVO II is the second generation in the VIVO product family and is the lighting equivalent of a Swiss army knife in the fact that it is extremely versatile and available with a whole host of accessories meeting all the demands of today’s spotlight world. This truly adaptable luminaire works spectacularly in a diverse range of spaces from offices and education, healthcare and hotels and industry to retail outlets and venues including theatres, art galleries and museums.

Zumtobel worked with EOOS to develop the next generation of the successful VIVO product group, for the first time, the electronics can be fully integrated into the housing or track.

VIVO II enables brands, products and spaces to be presented in a way that is tailored to the specific target group and lighting application for the room. The luminaire is suitable for all architectural spaces with ceiling heights of up to ten metres and is a single, powerful, ultra-flexible luminaire for consistent design themes.

VIVO II has three different optical systems available which offer specific benefits and characteristics. Firstly, there is a wide range of highly efficient reflectors that deliver powerful accent lighting with minimal glare. There is also a variety of high-precision lenses which provide, even and precise light distribution without any light scatter and then a manual zoom lens offering maximum flexibility to complete the optical portfolio. The advantage of this lens is that the luminaire can be installed in areas that are frequently adapted, renovated or redecorated. All the optical systems can be expanded in a modular fashion with various accessories, interchangeable reflectors and Bluetooth control, helping to create the ideal lighting solution.

The standard LED modules have been expanded with the addition of eight spectrums specifically for the retail industry (two fashion and six food modules), focusing on delivering the best light for the application. These application-specific spectrums are enhanced with new tunableWhite technology, which enables light colours of 2700 – 6000K with colour rendering of up to CRI > 92 to be individually controlled, which means that the lighting can be adapted to different product colours and materials at any time.

VIVO II has been designed as a versatile platform for all architectural requirements, it has various spotlight mounting options: 3Ph track, recessed, semi-recessed, pendant or on TECTON, the unique trunking system from Zumtobel. Initially available in three sizes with luminous flux packages of 1600 to 6500 lumen, VIVO II meets a diverse range of requirements,  whether in a fashion boutique or in a car dealership with high ceilings. The minimalist, yet exceptional design can be seamlessly integrated into any architecture and, thanks to the wide range of new housing and front ring colours, from copper and concrete to glossy black, it can be matched perfectly to the interior decor.

VIVO II is a flagship product for an environmentally friendly generation of luminaires that guarantee quality and flexibility for the customer whilst, at the same time, conserving resources and offering exceptional efficiency. The modular design concept, with its recyclable materials, replaceable parts, optimum energy efficiency and minimal, plastic-free packaging, are part of the company’s sustainable new lighting concepts.

For more information on VIVO II or any of the Zumtobel product range please visit https://z.lighting/en/zumtobel/products/vivo-ii/

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