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W30 steel windows suit loft and apartment living


Waterfront warehouse apartments and New York style lofts may be in short supply, but home-hunters and developers seeking to create some of the special character, without sacrificing physical performance, should look no further than the latest W30 steel windows available from members of the Steel Window Association (SWA).

Manufactured using the “greenest” generation of steel sections, W30 not only offer all the traditional steel window qualities of strength, security and the distinctive slender sight-lines which optimize daylight transmission, but they are also capable of meeting the latest revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations.

The Steel Window Association has overseen a sustained development programme that has delivered a series of incremental improvements to the energy performance of the frames. Amongst the advances on the W20 and original W30 versions have been changes to accept new weather seals and beads, while the sealed units feature soft coat glass with gas filling and warm edge spacer bar technology.

With SWA members being able to supply matching doors, windows and screens, apartment dwellers with balconies can be assured that they can keep out intruders as well as the cold!

For more information on steel windows call the SWA on 0844 249 1355, e-mail info@steel-window-association.co.uk or look at website www.steel-window-association.co.uk