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Heating & Ventilation

Wall to wall comfort with new Zehnder Nestsystems radiant conditioning


Zehnder, Europe’s leading manufacturer and supplier of indoor climate solutions is proud to announce the launch of Zehnder Nestsystems. Their next generation radiant conditioning system for residential and commercial applications, it is a heating, cooling and dehumidification system for the perfect indoor climate.

Offering dual heating and cooling functionality, rapid response times, exceptional controllability and superior energy efficiency, Zehnder Nestsystems comprises a network of specially designed plasterboard panels which incorporate an innovative radiant heating and cooling element. Effectively replacing a standard plasterboard panel, Zehnder Nestsystems panels can be quickly and easily installed on the ceiling or wall, enabling a buildings indoor climate system to be fitted as part of the general construction.

Ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects the use of Zehnder Nestsystems guarantees no intrusion on living/furnishing space and offers considerable time and cost savings on-site.

Moreover, unrivalled on operational efficiency, Zehnder Nestsystems can achieve energy savings of between 30-50% on standard radiant systems and fan coil units by allowing a higher perceived air temperature in the winter and a lower perceived air temperature in the summer. Suitable for low temperature systems (up to 50°C), they have a very quiet operating noise, with no unpleasant draughts or associated distribution of dust, and ensure a high degree of uniformity and homogeneity in temperature and humidity.

Available with an optional, sophisticated electronic control system, Zehnder Nestsystems can be used to coordinate, monitor and manage a whole range of HVAC devices from a local network or remote station to ensure optimal conditions for each and every room within a complex office block, hospital, hotel or school.

Providing the most progressive and intelligent indoor climate solution on the market today, Zehnder Nestsystems offers a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient indoor environment with guaranteed temperature and humidity conditions for building occupants all year long.

For more information contact Zehnder Technical Services on 01276 605800 or visit www.radiant-conditioning.zehnder.co.uk.