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Wallpaper by deborah bowness Decorex Stand A9


Deborah Bowness presents an original style of decorating. Her unique and timeless designs furnish interiors spaces with an extra dimension. A bold statement made quietly. Trompe I’oeil with a twist. Beautiful and functional. Wallpaper by Deborah Bowness is hand made in England. The combination of digital printing, silk screen printed colour and hand painting, makes every drop of wallpaper unique.

Working in a small factory in Yorkshire, our expert crew of printers also hand mix our colours, hand cut the paper, hand make our screens and hand package the finished pieces.   Wallpaper by deborah bowness is designed to interact with the space in which it is placed. You can enhance the effect of illusion by adding real objects on top of the wallpaper such as shelves, hooks, pictures or frames. The simple placement of a piece of furniture, a real armchair next to a wallpaper lamp for example, is another way to maximise the wallpapers effect. It is the interactive nature of Wallpapers by deborah bowness which makes each installation unique.   Deborah’s wallpapers creations are an ever-growing body of work. Her entire collection is made up of smaller collections in which designs can be mixed and matched. The collections fall into ranges.   Ready Made The majority of Deborah’s wallpaper designs fall into the Ready Made range like the bookshelf wallpaper. These are hand printed in small batches, using pre-exposed silk screens. We keep a small stock of these wallpapers to ensure a maximum of 7 days delivery time.   Specially Made These designs are printed to order. They require that little bit extra time and attention to make, often using hand cut stencils to print as oppose to pre-exposed screens. They feature more printed colours and hand painted detail. Often they will have to be printed over two drops of paper.   Machine Made This range of wallpaper is printed digitally. This production method has been chosen so a wider range of colours can be incorporated into the design. Although machine made, Deborah’s individual style is still very much apparent in these designs.   In addition to wallpaper Deborah has designed a selection of different paper based items which, with thoughtful placement, create a striking and unusual addition to any room.  

Wallpaper Cut Outs These are ‘life size’ wallpaper objects, which are hand printed/painted, and cut out by hand. Cut Outs are designed to be pasted onto a painted or papered wall. Sold as individual pieces or in packs, these can be interesting and beautiful accompaniments to Deborah’s wallpapers.   Dominoes and Canvases Deborah’s Flora designs are produced as wallpaper dominos. This is an old method of creating wallpapers on sheets, rather than on rolls. Dominoes  can also be mounted on canvas. Please contact office@deborahbowness.com for more details about canvases.   Screens Tailor made screens featuring your selected combination of Deborah’s Ready Made wallpapers are available to order. Screens are 180 cm (71″) in height. They can be made with either three or four panels. Panels are either 50cm (20″) or 40cm (16″) wide. Please contact office@deborahbowness.com for more details. Alternatively, give consideration to commisioning a bespoke screen featuring wallpaper specially designed for you. To discuss commissioned screen ideas please contact studio@deborahbowness.com


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Customised Colours   Deborah’s wallpaper is handmade therefore we can print any design in any colour, to match your interiors scheme. A dress printed in your favourite colour or a chair printed to match your sofa, for example. Select a colour from Deborah’s pallet or provide us with a reference to mix and match the colour. Please note there is a small additional charge for customised prints. Please contact office@deborahbowness.com to enquire about custom colours.   Customised Sizes Some designs can be printed onto wider and longer paper. We also have a number of methods to fill awkward size walls. If our standard size papers are not suitable please contact office@deborahbowness.com to discuss the possibilities of us making wallpaper to fit your wall.   Creative Direction Deborah is always happy to give advice and suggestions to anyone considering using her wallpapers. Email your ideas, intentions or queries to studio@deborahbowness.com. Mention the wallpaper design(s) you are interested in and where possible the height and width of the wall(s). Include any additional information or images that will help set the scene.   Tailor Made Wallpapers by deborah bowness can be designed and Tailor Made to sit beautifully in any space. Although each project is unique, Deborah’s commissioned wallpaper installations are recognisable by her signature photomontage design style. A statement wall in a private residence or an entire office suite, Deborah sets no limitations in her work. Please visit our ‘Projects’ page for examples. To enquire about tailor made wallpapers, contact studio@deborahbowness.com.   Design Service Surface design is not limited to wallpaper. Deborah is happy to think off the walls and is willing to discuss any other surface you may wish to decorate. Please contact studio@deborahbowness.com to share your ideas.

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