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Waterford’s Medieval Museum, Waterford


SmartPly’s OSB3 has been installed at Waterford’s Medieval Museum for the flooring of its Garden Room, which adjoins the 13th century Choristers’ Hall. Covering some 10,000sq ft., the company’s OSB3 was selected for its high quality, sustainable qualities, durability and its fit for purpose characteristics.

Situated between Cathedral Square and the Bishop’s Palace, Waterford’s Medieval Museum, which is owned by Waterford City Council, is a tribute to Medieval Waterford and life in the city during that period.

The original specification for the flooring was for WBP grade plywood. However, when taking into consideration SmartPly OSB3’s key features – strength, versatility and its ability to meet the requirements suitable for structural use – the builder, Tom O’Brien Construction and its client, Waterford City Council, switched the specification to the OSB3 products. The 10,000sq ft. space required a total of 350 sheets and for this 18mm OSB3 panels were supplied.

“This was an extensive project and it was key that we worked with suppliers and products that we had faith in and were of high quality,” commented Eamonn McEneaney, Director of the museum. “SmartPly and its OSB3 offered just this, helping to make the project in particular, the installation of the floor run smoothly. What’s more, SmartPly’s factory is based Waterford, which was ideal in helping us to achieve substantial savings on our carbon footprint – this was a key benefit.”

In addition to flooring, SmartPly OSB3 is also ideal for other applications as diverse as roofing, hoarding and wall sheathing. The panels are available in various sizes with both square edge (SE) and Tongue and Groove (T&G) profiled edges, which enable quick, easy and reliable installation in almost any timber floor design. For this project, the square edge profile was used.

In addition, the panels are manufactured using zero added formaldehyde, which is in keeping with current construction methods of working towards healthier buildings.

Furthermore, conditioned to perform in humid environments, SmartPly OSB3 is the fully certified alternative to softwood plywood.

Brian White of Coillte Panel Products commented, “This project is a great example of how our OSB3 product meets the exacting needs of a flooring application. The product has provided the ideal alternative to plywood.