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WATOM sarl


WATOM sarl is a thermoplastic extrusion company with production facilities in Belgium and France and extrude tubes and profiles mainly in PMMA and Polycarbonate for the lighting industry, building materials and protective plastics.

Our knowhow performs high quality extrusion for in- and outdoor applications and offers ready made and new solutions. We are also calendaring sheets and extruding profiles mainly in Polyurethane, ABS and Polycaprolactone for the board sports sector (ski / snow board / kite surf) and industrial conveyor belts and biodegradable product sectors.

By the end of 2023 WATOM has taken over the core business from THE EXTRUSION COMPANY by Stillemans and increased drastically its product portfolio with a wide range of Thermoplastic multisectoral extrusions MAINLY in ABS and PVC meeting the huge demand within the furniture industry and many other industries as follows i.e., interior construction, DIY, caravan and mobile home , coach and (cruise ) ship interiors , architectural, industrial and interior LED lighting, shopfitting , Span ceilings, ventilation , sun screening shutters , pergolas etc..

Nowadays the company has a worldwide reputation within these industries. Thanks to the contribution of our 150 collaborators, production is going through 24 hours a day. The extrusion production program contains more than 4500 dies available in a wide range of design finishes. More than 90 % of our production is exported worldwide. Well-being, safety, sustainability within a circular economy and continuous innovation and New Product Development remains our major goal and challenge.