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Whipps Cross University Hospital, East London


As with any hospital, hygiene was a key requirement in the selection of Knauf AMF ceilings for several building projects at Whipps Cross University Hospital in East London. Knauf AMF ceilings solutions were specified for the new maternity wing – comprising obstetrics theatre suite with recovery room. Ceilings from Knauf AMF were also installed in the emergency gynaecology unit and bereavement suites – along with the new-build accident and emergency unit and acute assessment unit.

Bermondsey based Architects, Freeman Ankerman Partnership led the design project and selected ceilings which could offer hygiene control as well as acoustic qualities and moisture resistance and help create the desired look for the new build. Jeanette Ankerman-Holt explained the reasoning behind her choice: “Knauf AMF Ceilings’ products have very good sound absorption qualities, high levels of light reflectance and create a clean, crisp, modern appearance in keeping with the building design.”

Thermatex Fine Stratos ceilings from Knauf AMF were installed in all the clinical rooms. These areas required an enhanced level of bacteria and fungicide prevention. To achieve this, the tiles were coated with Hygena, a specialist anti-microbial surface treatment, which helps prevent the spread of infection and provide an easy-to-clean surface.

The high sound absorption properties of Thermatex Fine Stratos were put to good use in the circulation and waiting areas to control unwanted sound transference from these busy spaces to adjoining rooms. The Fine Stratos range offers a unique combination of outstanding fire resistance and acoustic performance. The tiles can be fitted into either a Ventatec or DONN grid system and are available in various edge details for concealed design options. With either grid, the tiles are easy to remove and reinstate when access is required to the services above.

Thermatex Aquatec ceilings were specified for the areas of the new building requiring moisture control to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. Thermatex Aquatec offers moisture resistance of up to 100% RH which means that, even in areas with permanently high humidity and temperatures up to 40%, the tiles remain stable. The ceilings are easy to wipe clean, requiring just water. The recovery areas, bereavement suites and general utility areas of the hospital have high sanitation standards and were installed with Thermatex Aquatec ceilings. Aquatec tiles are available with the Hygena anti-microbial surface treatment to meet the strict hygiene requirements of health care and kitchen environments. A wide range of sizes and edge details are available as standard with an elegant smooth face pattern finish.

Knauf AMF Ceilings can provide specialist advice on specifying ceiling products that meet the strict hygienic criteria demanded in healthcare and kitchen environments. For more information visit www.amfceilings.co.uk or contact 020 8892 3216.