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Wind barrier system launched by Steni UK


 A pre-cladding system to seal a building for up to 12 months has been launched by Steni UK.

A wind barrier system capable of sealing a building against the elements for up to 12 months before the final cladding can be fitted has been launched by specialist panels manufacturer Steni UK.

The lightweight Wintec system has been developed in conjunction with Nordic building research institutes to meet construction workers’ requirements for easy installation and handling on site and been tested to new EU standards for air-tightness and windproofing in Norway, Sweden and Demark.

Comprising a 7.5mm-thick cement-based panel 900mm x 2400/3000mm or 1200mm x 2400/3000mm that can easily be scored by a Stanley knife then snapped, as well as bespoke wood screws and air-tight and windproof aluminium foil tape, the system can be fitted horizontally or vertically to timber or steel frames without pre-drilling.

Using the special tape with butyl rubber, the air tightness of the entire structure can be taped up to <air tight> (0.022m3/m2hPa) in accordance with NS-EN 12114. Its permeability Sd-rating is <0.18m.

Manufactured at lower temperatures than conventional cement-based panels and devoid of harmful substances so therefore environmentally friendly, the panels weigh only 7.5kg/m2. They are non-combustible (ISO 1182) and resistant to mould, fungi and pests.

Wintec complements Steni UK’s current portfolio of fibreglass reinforced polymer composite panels with a surface of aggregated natural stones from Europe (Nature) or a smooth surface of 100% acrylic that is electron beam cured without the use of solvents (Colour).