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Xpelair reach environmental ‘gold standard’


A leading UK ventilation supplier has boosted its green credentials and stolen a march on the competition with the announcement that two of its product ranges have received the highest level of energy performance accreditation.

Xpelair, a market leader in ventilation and heat recovery products, joins the ranks of the elite club of manufacturers offering Passivhaus certified products – the gold standard in low-energy housing – following the news that two of its MVHR products meet the exacting Passivhaus standards.

Xpelair2Developed in Germany in the 1960s, Passivhaus is rooted in a ‘fabric first’ approach to energy efficient construction. The philosophy is based on a set of guiding principles that govern the temperature and energy retention qualities of a property, for which thermal comfort is achieved solely by post-heating or post-cooling of the fresh air mass; which is required to achieve sufficient indoor air quality conditions without the need for an additional recirculation of air.

Xpelair’s Xcell 300 and Xcell 400 ranges have been awarded the prestigious Passivhaus certification thanks to its superior levels of energy efficiency and the potential both systems have to achieve significant carbon emission reductions.

The Xcell 300 QVI is an ideal solution for three to five bedroom houses, with key features including a counterflow cell with up to 92% efficiency and a Specific Fan Power as low as 0.6w/l/s. This latest award is the Xcell 300’s second accreditation, hard on the heels of the EST Best Practice Compliance

The high performance Xcell 400 QVI can recover up to 91% of outgoing heat energy, using a low energy EC motor; making it one of the most efficient MVHR ranges on the market.

Mark Quigley, Commercial Director at Xpelair, comments:

“Reaching this standard demonstrates our commitment to energy efficiency and our adherence to, and willingness to go beyond, the latest industry standards.

“A growing number of specifiers and installers are looking to research and design appropriate ventilation systems that meet the Government’s high expectations for airtight homes. The Xcell 300 and 400 both exceed these high standards as Passivhauslisted products, helping to drive down CO2 levels and provide a constant supply of fresh, clean air into domestic dwellings.”

Passivhaus is the fastest growing energy performance standard in the world with some 30,000 buildings completed to date. Its guiding principle is to dramatically reduce the requirement for space heating and cooling, whilst maintaining excellent air quality, based on the notion of superior insulation, absolute air-tightness and harvesting the sun’s energy through south-facing windows.

Ventilation and heat recovery is key to the successful delivery of Passivhaus construction, where air is recycled from warmer rooms in a house to heat fresh air coming in. The Passivhaus accreditation of Xpelair’s Xcell 300 and 400 systems will now give installers and consumers peace of mind when purchasing the right products to achieve only the highest environmental standards.