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Zumtobel delivers a flexible and unique lighting system for Wenlock Works


When a unique lighting scheme was required for Wenlock Works, a contemporary office development in Shoreditch, North London, architects Buckley Gray Yeoman approached Zumtobel Lighting for inspiration. Zumtobel’s ONDARIA luminaires mounted onto TECTON trunking were chosen as the ideal solution as they perfectly complement the office spaces. TECTON is the infrastructure solution for the lighting, lighting controls and emergency lighting throughout the building.

The aim of the Wenlock Works project was to modernise and unite the two dated 1980’s office buildings currently on the site. Two new storeys were added at roof level and a rear extension which has increased the floor area of the building by almost 50 per cent, giving a total of 167,000 square feet over six storeys. This extended the office space to almost double the lettable floor area with styling to fit in with the new generation of innovators using the space. The building also boasts a new factory style window configuration and generous floor to ceiling height throughout, with superb natural daylight along with generous cutaways to provide daylight into the lower ground floors’.

ONDARIA is a decorative, diffuse LED circular pendant with a low indirect component that emphasises the floating appearance of the luminaire. The diffuse and uniform light output, with its discreet indirect component, generates an atmospheric room ambience. With a luminaire efficacy of 145 lm/W, colour rendering Ra > 80 and colour temperature 4000 K to ensure a pleasant ambience, ONDARIA is one of the most energy and cost effective LED luminaires of its type. ONDARIA allows fully flexible arrangement of the luminaires and perfectly blends into every room layout. The timeless design of the ONDARIA luminaire perfectly complements the Wenlock Works offices.

The ONDARIA luminaires are mounted on Zumtobel’s TECTON multifunctional continuous row trunking system, which has an 11-pole current-conducting section built in, making it equipped to meet tomorrow’s needs. All functions such as power supply, lighting control and connection to emergency lighting are seamlessly integrated into this multifunctional trunking. The luminaires can be positioned flexibly and the system can be adapted to suit structural alterations at any time. TECTON copes effortlessly with various lighting requirements, even when layout changes are required. The TECTON trunking remains unchanged and forms the functional backbone of the system. It is simply a matter of exchanging or adding luminaires and system components.

SLOTLIGHT infinity is the world’s first consistent light line complying with the highest architectural and technical lighting requirements  SLOTLIGHT infinity illuminates the offices  with a mesh ceiling  providing consistent light without any shadows or overlapping. SLOTLIGHT infinity is a lighting solution with high precision, even around corners, using prefabricated frames and spacers to ensure a uniform appearance, correct spacing and a perfect installation. The final result is a high-grade lighting solution meticulously integrated into the interior design.

The lighting is controlled throughout the building with Zumtobel’s LITECOM, an open lighting management system that allows lighting switching and dimming, colour adjustment (RGB), colour temperature change (TW) and balance of luminaires alteration. The LITECOM APP opens up a new dimension of flexibility for lighting management systems, with functions that include daylight, shows, emergency lighting and many more. The use of LITECOM can result in cost reductions, reduced energy consumption, time saved during commissioning, the use of wizards instead of training courses, future-proofing, flexible configuration and function adjustment that can be extended to suit the constantly growing system. The well-being of future tenants was of upmost importance throughout the extensive refurbishment and Zumtobel have provided a flexible lighting system that is unique from other offices, whilst ensuring the perfect lit environment for the users. The building is expected to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating.

Adam Wood, Associate, Buckley Gray Yeoman commented “At Wenlock Works we recognised early on that the existing building had a great ‘bone structure’, so we stripped out the existing finishes to reveal flat concrete soffits. We worked closely with Zumtobel to maximise the impact of these along the 90 metre length of the floorplate; selecting the large format circular ONDARIA suspended from the trunking system on bespoke metal rods and integrating the linear SLOTLIGHT Infinity into a central mesh ‘spine’.”

For more information on Zumtobel, see the website https://z.lighting/en/zumtobel/

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