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Zumtobel’s RESCLITE Family for all your emergency requirements


Functional emergency lighting is more than just a requirement by law – over and above all other considerations, the emergency lighting is a life safety system and its ongoing effectiveness to provide the right levels of light to allow the occupants of the building to escape is its primary role. Choosing the right emergency lighting solution for your needs is vitally important and safety should be at the forefront of that decision. The ideal solution is to use dedicated emergency luminaires with tailored optics to ensure optimum distribution and maximise spacing, resulting in a lower cost of ownership per square metre.

Zumtobel’s RESCLITE PRO offers a range of luminaires that are safer and smarter than ever before thanks to its innovative optics, quickly guiding people to safety in an emergency. This small powerhouse meets all the requirements of emergency lighting, combining minimalist design with the highest technical standards. RESCLITE PRO covers long corridors with few points of light and illuminates high-ceiling rooms of up to 26 metres, using the optics to guide the light around the corner or from the wall to the floor.

The efficient compliance with emergency lighting standards was at the forefront of research and development for the RESCLITE PRO family, ensuring it is optimised for every task. With a choice of ceiling or wall mounted options, available in 2 different sizes, and with number of useful accessories, the possibilities with RESCLITE PRO are infinite.   The RESCLITE PRO range incorporates:

RESCLITE PRO escape 90°

The innovative 90-degree optics direct the light around the corner. Thus, a single luminaire is sufficient to illuminate two corridors at right angles. escape 90° is ideal for shops and retail spaces where side and shelf aisles must be illuminated simultaneously and with the high-performance variant, the number of luminaires can be reduced.


Due to the unique lens technology, very long escape routes are illuminated with only a few light points. The crystal clear lenses help remove the need for escape- route luminaires with annoying reflectors. Luminaire spacing of up to 38m can be achieved with the high-performance version.

RESCLITE PRO escape wall

The recessed wall luminaire is perfectly suited to inconspicuously illuminate escape routes in stairwells or high-ceiling rooms. Optionally, a small frame can transform the round variant of the luminaire into a square version.

RESCLITE PRO escape high ceilings (HC)

High-ceiling rooms, such as shelf aisles in logistics spaces, are ideally prepared for an emergency with the escape route luminaire. Thanks to state-of-the-art lens technology, installation heights of up to 26 metres are perfectly covered – with a surface-mounted luminaire or modules can be easily clicked into Zumtobel’s TECTON and TRINOS trunking systems. The high-performance version (HP) allows for higher illuminance levels or extremely long distances between two luminaires, which can illuminate very large areas with a small number of luminaires.

RESCLITE PRO antic-panic

The square light distribution directs light into every corner. This simplifies planning and illuminates rooms perfectly. With the high-performance variants (HP), higher illuminance levels can be achieved or the distances between luminaires can be extended further. As a result, even large areas require just a few light points.

RESCLITE PRO anti-panic high ceilings (HC)

RESCLITE PRO manages to illuminate large rooms over a wide area – even from heights of up to 34m. Industrial halls or shopping centres equipped with the anti-panic light for high rooms are therefore well prepared to offer the greatest possible level of security in the event of a power failure.


First-aid boxes, fire extinguishers and alarm stations require special attention. All safety-critical objects in a building must be illuminated with at least 5 lux in accordance with EN 1838 – vertically measured on the wall. RESCLITE PRO spot meets this requirement with advanced lens technology that cleverly incorporates a wall-washer function.

For further information see the range https://z.lighting/en/zumtobel/products/resclite/

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