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Zumtobel’s TECTON meets tomorrow’s needs today in The White Building


The White Building, part of the prestigious Notting Dale Campus in West London, has been illuminated with TECTON and RESCLITE luminaires and controls from Zumtobel Lighting to ensure a high quality lighting solution with low total cost of ownership for the ‘Very Good’ BREAAM rated refurbishment. The luminaires were chosen for their ability to address the exacting design criteria and provide virtually unlimited flexibility.

Owned by Adena Property Investments Inc., The White Building comprises 81,000 sq. ft. of office accommodation in total that is arranged over 7 floors, with accommodation on each of the floors that is broadly rectangular in shape, tapering slightly to each end. The distinctive diamond shaped floorplan offers views of the Notting Dale Campus and incorporates many facilities, including modern showers, coffee and snack areas.

To improve lighting efficacy and update the existing T16 technology, Zumtobel supplied TECTON C high efficiency luminaires fitted to the existing TECTON infrastructure system which also provides emergency lighting, exit signage and the smoke detectors. The infrastructure also includes the routing and containment of 3rd party cables/systems enabling for example the easy addition of Wi-Fi repeaters, security system devices, etc.

The existing lighting control system was able to be utilised and reprogrammed, requiring no other works.  TECTON is the world’s first continuous-row luminaire to have an 11-pole current conducting section built into its trunking. This means that the system comes ready equipped to meet tomorrow’s needs. All functions such as power supply, lighting control and connection to emergency lighting are seamlessly integrated into this multifunctional trunking. Luminaires can be positioned flexibly and the system can be adapted to suit structural alterations at any time. TECTON copes effortlessly with various lighting requirements, both at the time it is installed and whenever there are changes. The TECTON trunking remains unchanged and forms the functional backbone of the system, it’s a simple a matter of replacing or adding lighting modules, light sources or optics as required.

Zumtobel’s flexible RESCLITE luminaires provide the emergency lighting for the project and are discretely integrated into the TECTON continuous-row lighting system. The rotatable luminaire module means that the light distribution can be adapted to suit the respective building situation in just a few seconds, ensuring safe and accurate emergency lighting. The flexible RESCLITE solution adds an extra dimension to emergency lighting, guiding people quickly, logically and reliably in the event of an emergency.

Zumtobel has already fulfilled the brief, to create flexible space designed to inspire creativity and collaboration, on two floors of the building and the installation is ongoing.

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