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Bereco launch new Ambient Timber Window & Door Range; a range of certified noise reducing windows.


In a bid to aid the movement to building healthier, happier homes, Bereco have launched a new noise reducing timber window and door range which aims to take the hassle out of achieving compliance.

There is a great emphasis on building healthy homes. This centres on good indoor air quality, natural lighting and thermal comfort. Achieving acoustic comfort via sound reducing building products is absolutely crucial to this and the only way to achieve this is via the correct specification of the windows and doors.

As a member of The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products, we absolutely champion the movement to healthier happier homes and our Ambient Timber Window and Door Range has been designed with this concept in mind. The ASBP believe that the best buildings are life-enhancing and support our physical and mental health and we at Bereco work on this principle.

Noise has become so common in everyday life that it is almost accepted but exposure to noise does not only have the ability to cause irritation and stress but studies have shown that this can be linked to serious health issues such as cardiovascular disorders, heart disease, stroke and dementia.

A study undertaken by the World Health Organisation showed that three in one hundred deaths in the UK are caused by exposure to noise. Noise has in fact been identified as ranking second amongst all environmental threats to public health, just behind air pollution. In an age where noise is on the rise, we must design our build environment to counteract this.

Having studied the intricacies of noise, and in a bid to provide a noise reducing solution that can be relied upon, Bereco are pleased to announce the launch of the Ambient Timber Window & Door Range. This highly anticipated range includes a number of noise reducing levels from 38dB right up to 42dB.

Most manufacturers will state the dB rating for the glazing alone but this does not take into account the noise ‘leak’ that may potentially occur through the frame. Poorly fitted gaskets, gaps in the frame and trickle vents can all be responsible for this. At Bereco we have measured the overall dB rating for the window and this is what we state.

We are pleased to report that each level within the range has been awarded Bluesky Noise Reducing Windows certification and the 42dB sash window has achieved a Bluesky A-rated noise reduction level. The majority of windows and doors on the market would achieve a C, D or E rating. Fitting an A-rated product will greatly reduce noise levels in the building compared to a standard window and will be sufficient for almost all cases. Installing a certified noise reducing window ensures a proven level which offers complete assurance.

The window specification is a key item that will be addressed as part of the acoustic report. The report will determine the frequencies of the expected noise source and stipulate a product that has a specific performance at these frequencies. As we have designed a range of options taking into account various noise sources and proximities we can help you find the most suitable and cost-effective solution to designing out noise.

Nowadays the quality of a new home is not just judged on the build quality but based on energy costs, health and wellbeing and environmental footprint. Your choice of supplier has a huge bearing on the success and by choosing the Bereco Ambient Range you can ensure that you are ahead of your completion on all these factors. As part of the Ambient Range the windows and doors come with P2 and P4 security ratings. Part Q of the Building Regulations stipulates P1A-rated laminated glass which means that you can ensure compliance with both Secured by Design and Part Q.

Nicola Harrison, General Manager for the Bereco Group explains;

“The Ambient range is an important addition to the ever expanding Bereco Range of timber windows and doors. Our ability to offer unique solutions that provide a significant point of differentiation for our customers is key. We want our customers to be at the forefront of the market offering tailored and relevant solutions that not only help to build beautifully high quality homes but ensuring they stand out from their competitors”

We have an experienced sales and design team will help you interpret your acoustic report and provide support at all stages including all the specification details you need to comply with the requirements detailed in your report.

For more information about Bereco visit www.bereco.co.uk/ambient-windows or tweet us @berecowindows


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