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Cosy Curve from Infrarad

Heating & Ventilation

Cosy Curve from Infrarad


Chic space heating that consumes half the energy required to run conventional radiators is now available from a new UK company, Infrarad Limited.

The Curve is an infrared heating panel with a convex curved surface. Available in plain gloss black and plain gloss white, this unit comes with rated power outputs of both 250W and 350W. It has a minimum working life of 100,000 hours.

Infrarad’s products all use radiant heat. “We use the same method as the sun’s rays” explains Infrarad’s MD, Peter Ferguson. “The energy is emitted in the form of infrared rays which heat only the solid objects they land on including the occupants of the room”.

This means that, whereas a traditional method of calculating a standard room’s requirement for heat is based on 50W m3, with infrared panels only 25W m3 is required. Because the Infrarad units heat generate radiant heat rather than convection, they are more efficient and do not create a stuffiness inside the room, says Mr Ferguson. For example, if a room needs 2KW of standard gas and electric convector radiators, then with infrared, it will only need a 1KW radiant panel.

In many instances, infrared heating can be more cost-effective than traditional central heating, he adds: “The capital cost of Infrarad’s panels is generally lower than traditional radiators and boilers, and the cost of installation is considerably less” he says.


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