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Foscarini launch MyLight smart lighting app

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Foscarini launch MyLight smart lighting app


Foscarini recently launched its new lighting app for both contract and residential use at the Oneroom gallery in Shoreditch. The exhibition was a sumptuous display of hotels rooms that showcased the company’s new product to maximum effect.

The charm of the interior ignited the imagination and showed the potential of MyLight lamps by Foscarini, that combine today’s tech with the distinctive design flair of Foscarini.

The MyLight system offers a solution for residential interiors too. Homes are now multi-purpose spaces – so whether you run a home/office or have a dedicated personal sanctuary, there are zones that can be customised through using this innovative new lighting system. Changing daily needs are task or activity dependent, so these can be enhanced according to personal taste and requirements. MyLight is the smart system that enables control of intensity and colour of light, making it possible for each individual to determine their own special atmosphere 24/7. If you need a bright light in the morning – you have it – or something more atmospheric and relaxing in the evening, you have got it all at the swipe of an app.

MyLight is available on a wide range of bestselling LED models from the Foscarini collection – including the suspension lamps Plena, Spokes, Satellight, Chouchin, Rituals, Buds, Gregg, Tartan, Gem and large Aplomb and the wall lamps Superficie and Bahia Mini – thanks to an application that can be activated and used via Bluetooth from the user’s smart device. Additionally, for two of Foscarini’s iconic designs, the Caboche suspension and Twiggy floor light, it will be possible to adjust light intensity and temperature: warm and cool light can be mixed and dimmed to reproduce the colour levels of sunlight across the entire span of the day. www.foscarini.com

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