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Humidity Solutions


Humidity Solutions introduces the new HomEvap to the UK market, opening up new opportunities for providing safe and precise humidity control and/or low energy cooling for residential, commercial or preservation applications.

The main guidance from the Chartered Instuitute of Building Service Engineers (CIBSE), recommends humidity levels of 40-60 % RH for general comfort conditions.  Adverse effects of low humidity include cracking or splitting of wooden floorings or furniture, dry skin and eyes, headaches, deterioration of works of art or musical instruments.

Fitted to an air stream such as a Heat Recovery Unit, the HomEvap Humidifier connects inline to provide humidity-controlled air to space. Using the adiabatic evaporative process, the water wastage is low, as is the energy usage. A built-in heater can warm the air to overcome the cooling effect if required.

The HomEvap Cooler can be fitted to the warm air extract prior to the HRU so that in this instance the cooling effect is transferred to the incoming air without the humidity, providing up to 2kw of cooling for 20w of energy.  Both solutions can be combined if required, with a single controller providing the brains behind the technology.  All controls and sensors are included in the package making it a plug and play solution.

If there is no airflow, the HomEvap Direct is the solution. The system is stand alone, using a low energy, quiet fan, and can be discreetly positioned above a ceiling or in a cupboard.

This innovative humidifier from HomEvap increases comfort in every living and working environment and ensures a healthy indoor climate.  HomEvap evaporators were developed as energy-efficient humidifiers, coolers and combined solutions for offices, homes, hotels and public facilities.

To find out more about the HomEvap range, call 01372 571200 or visit www.humiditysolutions.co.uk

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