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LG Makes ‘Cool Wall Art’ With Air Conditioning Units

Heating & Ventilation

LG Makes ‘Cool Wall Art’ With Air Conditioning Units


A wall mounted air conditioning unit that you want to be seen. LG’s new addition to the unique and popular ARTCOOL range is the LED lighting, 3-way soft air flow (heating and cooling) Stylist Inverter V indoor unit. (Model ref: G09/G12WL 2.5kW – 3.5kW).

The ARTCOOL stylist successfully combines technological sophistication and functionality with a modern sleek look to create a stylish and comfortably air conditioned environment – and it is already in receipt of a prestigious 2014 iF Design Award

LG’s advanced inverter technology ensures this premium model provides effective, near-silent operation as well as significant energy savings over non-inverter models.

“We’re excited to be releasing our stylish new air conditioner in the UK,” says Jody Lees, Head of Air Conditioning & Energy Solutions. “Taking AC design to a whole new level, the ARTCOOL Stylist is sure to impress even the most style-conscious consumers. Along with quiet yet effective cooling and heating, this superior product delivers an energy efficient performance; with the added benefits of lower electricity bills. LG will continue to develop innovative AC products that satisfy the needs of the market.The unit will look impressive in any company reception, hotel foye, studio or the home.”

The units are an imaginative alternative to conventional white or fawn coloured wall mounts, transforming the indoor units from a mere functional necessity into an interior design style accessory.

With a profile that is 25mm slimmer than the popular LG ARTCOOL Gallery, the ARTCOOL Stylist is just 121mm deep, meaning it won’t disrupt or intrude upon living space. In addition, the boldly re-imagined indoor unit features a ring of LED lighting, the colour of which can be adjusted at any time to suit the occupant’s personal preference,to create a certain mood or set the natural light to wake you up in the morning. The LED lighting also changes colour to indicate cooling or heating status.

The new 3-way ‘Soft Airflow’ feature distributes air evenly to the left and the right of the room and towards the floor simultaneously, providing a pleasant effect that consumers will find soothing and more natural.

The ARTCOOL Stylist is provided with an advanced remote control that features a responsive touch screen and a sleek, round body that echoes the indoor unit’s circular fabric motif. It is quick and easy to adjust settings via the controller to alter the colour and brightness of the LED lighting. The handy touch screen also displays useful information such as mode, temperature and time.

Furthermore, LG’s inverter technology enables the unit to operate at an incredibly low 19dB while consuming less energy than a conventional, non-inverter air conditioner.

“Those who have a strong interest in the arts and fashion tend to choose premium brands that complement their stylish surrounds. Boasting enviable good looks as well as excellent cooling and heating capabilities, the ARTCOOL Stylist Inverter V is the air conditioner, aesthetically concerned consumers have been waiting for,” concludes Jody Lees.

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