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Safety Glass Cladding Wins Outstanding Fire-Resistance Accreditation

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Safety Glass Cladding Wins Outstanding Fire-Resistance Accreditation


A cladding system based on a unique safety glass has achieved an outstanding A2 fire-resistance accreditation and is now available to architects and specifiers looking for product re-assurance in the post-Grenfell environment.

Chromatics Safety Glass has undergone extensive testing by Exova Warringtonfire who awarded it an A2-s1-d0 ‘reaction to fire’ classification. Class A2 means the product is non-combustible as no flashover occurs; s1 is the lowest level of smoke generation and d0 the lowest level for production of flaming droplets or particles.

Not a toughened glass, Chromatics Safety Glass is a unique safety glass that achieves exceptional performance. Its extraordinary resilience is as a result of bonding together, at a molecular level, glass, a colour layer and metal, transforming them into a laminate that is both light weight and shatterproof, as well as being visually stunning and having a completely smooth surface.  An unrivalled depth of colour is achieved with 100% opacity, no pin-holes and no risk of show through or colour variation often inherent with ceramic coatings. What’s more, the manufacture is environmentally friendly with no heavy metals or toxic elements in the organic low-energy colour process.

Replacing one cladding system with another can have implications in terms of load bearing but one of the principal advantages of Chromatics Safety Glass is its lightweight quality. The 6mm thick panels weigh just 15.32kg per square metre, making them easier to handle, transport and install, thereby offering huge savings on installation costs. By using Chromatics Safety Glass, the weight of the cladding it replaces will be reduced by more than half.

Another feature of the product is that, despite its slim and light profile, it is inherently strong, making it shatterproof and impact resistant. The molecularly bonded product can withstand considerable impact force and, even if damaged, remains intact and waterproof and can be removed whole and replaced easily. It is not susceptible to catastrophic nickel sulphide breaks.

Chromatics Safety Glass is highly versatile allowing architects and designers complete creative freedom to bring style and resilience to a host of applications. Available in the full range of RAL colours for use either externally as rainscreen, architectural cladding, curtain walling, or signage, as well as a range of internal uses that include feature walls, counter tops, balustrading and partitioning. It is also possible to replicate any traditional finishes, for example natural stone, wood, terracotta, porcelain, marble, ceramic, brick and metal surfaces.

Chromatics originally developed its product in the UK as spandrel panelling before the company expanded into a new market for glass products in frameless rainscreen and ventilated façade systems for cladding new and refurbished buildings.

The uniqueness of the product is underlined by the fact that RIBA has developed a separate product clause for Chromatics Safety Glass for its specification and Product Selector, as, although laminated, it is not laminated glass and, although tough, it is not toughened glass.

For further information, please contact the Chromatics Safety Glass Head Office on 01904 439187 or visit www.chromaticsglass.com.

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